Sunshine Detail Service

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Sunshine Car Wash Exclusive Auto Detailing Services

At sunshine car wash and detail. We offer a multitude of professional detail services to fit your every need and budget. Our services provide a broad selection that are catered to your vehicles specific condition and needs. Extra time and special attention is paid to every area of your vehicles interior and exterior, providing the most comprehensive detailing available. Our staff with 20 + years experience have the skills necessary to bring your vehicle to its best!

Bring your car, truck, boat, RV, or motorcycle in today!

Exterior services

  • Clay bar oxidation removal
  • Teflon application
  • High speed buffing 
  • Road tar / tree sap removal 
  • Headlight  restoration 
  • Wheel polishing 
  • Chrome polishing 
  • Swirl mark removal 
  • Water-spot removal

Interior services

  • steam cleaning
  • carpet shampoo
  • headliner cleaning 
  • floor mat shampoo 
  • leather or vinyl cleaning / conditioning 
  • scotch guard protectant 
  • interior armor-all 
  • stain removal 
  • seat shampoo


Sunshine Detail